Hello World


This is my new web design & development portfolio!

I've created a self-study program focusing on becoming a Full Stack Developer. If you want to learn more about that process, I wrote a post about creating my own web development curriculum.

I started this process in , but I've been making websites for almost two decades now as a hobbyist. I was inspired to learn more about web development in a professional capacity and decided that it would work best for my schedule & personal commitments to teach myself.

At this point it's just a matter of reading about and practicing the skills I need to work in a professional capacity. I'll be using the blog to share lessons I've learned as well, both to help others like myself and (hopefully) prove that I know what I'm talking about lol.

The portfolio section is meant to showcase what work I've already done as you'd expect.

Excited to add more soon! Thanks for stopping by.

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