What I learned from putz.space

Lessons learned

Over the course of creating this web portfolio I've learned the following:


  • Figured out how to migrate github pages, branches and domain names.

Web Design

  • Don't forget to make live content. Important for testing design.
  • Design systems are iterative, they start messy and can be analyzed for better definition over time.
  • How to draw focus:
    • Use of borders on controls, titles and grounding info (i.e: where am I?).
    • Use of typography and color to group/define content.
  • Learned more details about how Pelican templating and other internals works.

Project management

  • Time management is essential.
  • Problem solving is an inevitable time cost you'll pay.
  • Solving issues in one project can lead to solutions in another.
    • Pagination design work made updating Ludo Air's easier.
  • Understanding project purpose is key in knowing what to prioritize.
  • When to cut material and save it for implementation later.


  • I guess I'm really into loons lol.

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